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Hair Extensions: Which Method Is Right for You?

Updated: Jan 21

There are many methods of hair extensions available. I will explain the differences in the methods I offer to help you decide which method is the right fit for you. Prices are available upon consultation. All consultations are complimentary. Contact me with any questions or to book a complimentary consultation. 954.224.2417


Keratin bonded hair extensions, or fusion extensions, are a strand by strand method that are bonded close to the root using a keratin or polymer bond and a heating iron. I prefer this method over cold fusion (electric current) as I feel I have more control of the level of heat needed to bond the hair extension. The temperature can be adjusted for clients who have more fragile or compromised hair. With the cold fusion (electric current) method, this isn’t an option.

Bonded hair extensions can be used on very fine to very thick hair and the bond can be custom sized and custom blended to meet each client’s needs. This makes the options endless. Because the bond size can be customize, bonded hair extensions allow the option of working nearer to the hairline and on the top of the head while still concealing the bond.

Bonded hair extensions typically last 4-6 months before having to be replaced. They will grow out with your own hair. I typically wear my extensions for 6 months. Finer haired clients may have to replace a bit earlier, depending on the installation. I can determine this at your consultation. Like all extension methods, Bonded extensions DO NOT damage the natural hair, as long as they are installed and cared for, correctly. I’ve worn extensions for nearly 20 years and with absolutely no break for the last 15 years. I have finer hair and love the thickness hair extensions provide. Without extensions, my ponytails and buns are quite anemic, but with them, ponies and buns are full and luxurious.

Bonded hair extensions are relatively easy to care for. I recommend gentle cleansing at least 3 times a week, and a daily brushing. It’s that simple. Bonded hair extensions can be blow dried, curl or flat ironed and styled just as you style your own hair using proper care and heat protectant. As with all extensions, color can be touched up while you wear your hair extensions.

All methods of hair extensions are color matched to your hair. If you’re thinking of changing your current hair color, we would address this first and then match the extensions to the new color.

Bonded hair extensions are the most expensive as they are the most labor intensive and the least amount of upkeep. Once they are installed, you don’t think about them until it’s time for a new set.

ITip Extensions

I-Tip extensions are a strand by strand reusable extension method.  They have a shoelace-like tip that is inserted into a small bead with a small section of the natural hair.  With proper care, ITip extensions typically last 8-12 months before having to replace the hair.  Adjustments are needed approximately every eight weeks, to prevent matting at the roots.

Itips are ideal for normal to thick density hair but can be used on finer or thick density natural hair. I do not recommend these on very fine hair as it is difficult to disguise the connection site with the natural hair but they can be successfully used in conjunction with other methods.

Due to the fact that I-Tips extensions are reusable, it makes extensions a more affordable option, keeping in mind all extensions are a luxury service.

Daily care is very simple, requiring at least one daily brushing and detangling with every shampoo. Like all extensions, I-Tips can be heat styled just as you would your natural hair, using proper care and heat protection.

Beaded Weft Extensions

Sew-in beaded wefts are a method of hair extensions that add both length and density to the natural hair. They are available in machine tied or hand tied. Both are reusable. Machine tied extensions are preferable as they are more durable at the base and can last 18-24 months, with proper care. Machine tied wefts are ideal for medium to thick density natural hair but can also be used on finer hair.

Due to the delicate nature of hand tied wefts, they typically last 8-12 months before having to replace the weft. These are ideal for extending and/or thickening fine to very fine hair. Hand tied and machine tied wefts can also be combined to achieve the desired result.

Sew-in beaded weft extensions require tightening approximately every 6 weeks to maintain the integrity of the natural hair. Waiting too long between adjustments could cause matting at the root of the natural hair.

While all extensions are considered a luxury service, sew-in beaded wefts are a more affordable option due to the fact that the hair is reusable. They are also an exceptional way to add a lot of length and density (think cascading Instagram hair) with a relatively short investment in time. Initial installs take about 2 hours for a full head and the adjustments typically take 20-30 mins.

Daily care is very simple, requiring at least one daily brushing and detangling with every shampoo. Like all extensions, weft extensions can be heat styled just as you would your natural hair, using proper care and heat protection.

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